Made: Sewing 101 Applique Pillow with Button Closure.

I continue chugging along in my newest project,
1-2-3 Sew.  I had to skip project #4 due to missing supplies (and have since made a $117 trip to JoAnn's to stock up on materials for the next 6 projects- eep!).  I'm realizing that working through this book on what I already have isn't always going to be an option, but I digress...

Project #5 was to make a pillow with applique decoration on the front and a button closure on the back.  I was very excited that I could still use that linen that I have on hand from making curtains, and get rid of a few more of the fat quarters from my stash.

I was also excited at the prospect of learning to machine sew button holes & buttons!

The back turned out quite nicely I think.  Piecing the larger panels was pretty easy, and I didn't realize that sewing a button hole is no more than just putting on the right presser foot, popping the button onto it, selecting the buttonhole stitch and pressing go.  Really, the machine just takes care of it for you!

I couldn't quite understand the directions for sewing on a button, so I just did it by hand and promised myself to revisit this skill another time.  So the list grows of skipped skills to catch up on:

1. pockets
2. buttons

The front, while complete, is a bit of a hot mess I'm afraid:

I'm still having issues with cutting fabric (as proper equipment isn't yet in my budget) and some of these required precision beyond my current skill.  I'm also still struggling with smooth stitching.  I didn't have clear thread, so just used white.  Also- the book didn't say, any seamstresses out there know how exactly you are supposed to line up the applique stitch?  Is the whole thing supposed to edge the applique or is it that the little triangle part is all that's supposed to be on it??

Now I could dwell on this project forever to make a perfect one, but I realized that the point of this project isn't to make 100 perfect pillows for me.  It's to complete the book and I figure that since each project requires certain basic skills, I'll keep repeating them until I can actually get a good grip on them anyway, so why dwell any one project?


Duni said...

That is one lovely cushion! And great job on the buttonholes :)
I don't know what it says in your book. I appliqué differently by first applying iron on paper to the piece before ironing on the main fabric. I use a small and narrow zigzag to edge-stitch all around.

Erika said...

People are so scared of buttonholes and you did it!! The pillow looks great, Nancy.

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Jenny Chang said...

I think it looks great! I'm really impressed.

Jessi said...

oh it's pretty!

Lisa said...

I think that it looks fantastic!
And I love the new look here on the bLOG!

Stela said...

This looks great! I love the fabrics you chose!

Hot Rocks said...

That is a very pretty pillow! Gorgeous fabric, looks great in your new bedroom. I love the look of your new blog as well!

Linda Pruitt said...

I like the way it turned out! Nice job on the buttonholes!

Rose said...

That's awesome about the buttonholes. Perfect or not, the pillow is beautiful. Cutting straight is not one of my strong points either. Hopefully some of the sewers will have some good tips about that.

LimeRiot said...

It looks fantastic! I love the subtle fabrics you used. Gorgeous! I can't wait to get to the pillow chapter in the book. I'm going to start on mitered corners this evening!

Monica said...

love linen for pillows! I say you passed this chapter (?) with an A! I don't know how to sew applique but it looks very nice to me. Maybe you have invented a new technique :-)

Judy Nolan said...

Your buttonhole turned out great! I'm not sure I understand the question about the machine applique, but there are different ways to do it, as well as different stitches you can use.

Additionsstyle said...

Nancy your pillow looks great! The best part about sewing is that it does not always have to be perfect. Enjoy the process, and over time it will get easier.
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