Friday Finds: Neon Edition.

Color Pops.

I made this treasury last week for my Etsy team, The Blogging Business Artisans, and thought it was particularly nice.  I thought I'd share to brighten up this gloomy winter weather we've been having lately and give hope for pops of color as the spring emerges!  Please stop by and comment if you like!

Have a great weekend all!


Well friends, I briefly mentioned that we FINALLY finalized honeymoon plans!  We'd discussed many destinations from Nappa Valley to a Caribbean Cruise.  While out to dinner one night last month, hubby and I sort of had an epiphany: throughout the whole process the main thing on our minds was planning around amazing food.  That's become a big shared passion for us (both cooking & eating) and we though why not head to NYC, one of the best known restaurant capitals of the world? It just so happens to be a short train ride away which majorly reduces travel costs from our budget, opening up more cash flow to spend on food!

You may remember our last fall and how much we enjoyed wining and dining ourselves there.  I'm still dreaming about it.

We've already made reservations at several of our "Must Eat At before We Die" restaurants.  Train tickets are bought, the hotel room is booked, and I've got two tickets to see Book Of Mormon in my possession as we speak.   We could not be more excited!!!!

Certainly I'll disclose more photos and details, but I'd like to wait until after the trip of course, which is soon:)


Printing like mad: Using my , I printed 100 business cards and product hang tags.  I also preprinted my cotton tape rolls for sew in labels.

Making a mess on my desk: All of this was just in the name of gift wrapping a couple of gifts!

Purging: Before I painted the cabinets, we reorganized the kitchen some and donated a bunch of stuff we no longer need or have duplicates of since the wedding.

Quiet Kitty Moments: Watching a little Birdie-TV with Langley.

I love waking up on those grey mornings.  The light is so soft and there's often seagulls circling above to keep my sleeping buddies around for a bit longer.

Ice Cream: We got an ice cream maker as a wedding gift and I just can't stop trying to perfect vanilla lately.

Question:  What have you been up to lately?


Project Home Rennovation: Painting the Kitchen Cabinets.

Lately I've been a busy bee trying to push to get some of those pending house projects done.  After I finished painting the kitchen light grey , I had it in my head that the cabinets were ugly and needed a brightening up.  I knew I would paint them white, but I just wasn't sure what to use.

After a bit of online research I found out there were several products on the market that make painting shiny surfaces and laminate easy- no sanding!  I chose Valspar Ultra Kitchen & Bath .  It's a paint & primer in one, requires only cleaning the cabinets for prep, is scrubbable, and was $30 a gallon (sounds pricey, but is MUCH less than the Rust-Oleum kit.  I just used 1/2 a gallon anyway).  You have to be careful for 7 days after you're done- it may chip- but after that is good to go.

It took a week and a half of work as I only did a few doors at a time.  But, in the end, I think it makes the kitchen look so much brighter!  I went ahead and installed hardware too.  We didn't have any before and I was sick of that, so what a perfect time for it.  (Kind of a pain, but I got through it!)

You may wonder why I left most of the upper cabinets untouched.  Our eventual plan is to rip all of the unpainted cabinets down, install to-ceiling tile, a hood range over the stove, and then open shelving on either side.  This is quite a pricey plan, so for now we'll make due with a partial job.

I'm enjoying my progress thus far though, and know that we'll get it all done eventually.  As for now, I think I'm going to put a bookmark in the home projects and get back into sewing!  Have a great weekend friends!


As part of my "Sophomore" year of learning to sew, I've launched Project Sewing 201 .  You can read more about my intentions for the year in the linked page, but this beauty marks my second project in the series and my very first stab at women's garments.  Additionally, Edi of Memories For Life has chosen the fitting theme of Red for our Blogging Business Artisan's February challenge piece.
Considering I needed something nice to go out to dinner in on our upcoming NYC honeymoon (more on that later), I decided to mesh all three purposes together and hoped to create a red skirt for me!

I think it turned out quite nicely!  Even though there are TONS of tiny little mistakes, hopefully there are none noticeable enough to actually ruin the wear of the skirt.  It fits, looks nice, and will work nicely for formal occasions I believe, so I'm happy with it.

This was a pretty big challenge for me, so I'll sum up the skills I had to use and learn in list form:

Building Skills:
-Reading and working from a written pattern.
-Measuring my size & executing the pattern accordingly

New Skills:
-Installing an invisible zipper
-Working with Taffeta fabric
-Garment hemline

I've found that some of the above mentioned skills were a bit tougher than anything I've learned before, so this skirt took me a full week to work through.  I made PLENTY of mistakes and had to rework it in quite a few places, often several times.  I only had to recut one piece, which is great.  The hemline at the bottom is pretty questionable, and my gathering is far from pro, but overall I think the skirt turned out decent enough to actually wear, which was the real goal for me.

I do apologize for the above horrible bathroom mirror picture.  We really do need to invest in a full length one of these days!

What's next?  So many things!  I've already got some lovely plum jersey fabric pre-washed and ready to go for a dress, I need to do "take 2" of my , and I need to get going on my new handbag instructional book I ordered.  Lots more to come folks!