Home Renno.

Got lots done last week to share:

1. Repainted our master bathroom.  We loved the color we'd previously painted it, tea stain: a pale grey-green, but the finish was flat.  So I got a gallon of the same color in satin finish and gave her a once over again.  I also painted the ceiling a nice, flat white.

2. Over the weekend we purchased some lovely new bright white towels,

along with some stark white sheets.  We also dug out our winter down comforter.

3. We purchased and hung black out blinds.  The first night, we slept like kings in our pitch-black room nestled in our new cloud-like bed.

4. We also purchased and hung a vanity mirror for over our dresser.  The room is finally coming together as the sanctuary that we've envisioned: Stark whites next to creamy linen and dark barn woods with hints of green here and there.

All we've got left to do are  the finishing touches: hanging art, re-hanging our curtains (or a second layer of day blinds), organizing our dresser top, an eventual headboard, and I've got a few exciting pieces coming from etsy to accent the rooms:


Jessi said...

it looks great!!

Hot Rocks said...

It looks amazing, Nancy. I love your bathroom!

randomcreative said...

That's so exciting how everything is coming together! I can't wait to see the finishing touches.

Lin said...

The best thing I ever bought was white towels for the bathroom. You can bleach them and they are always nice and white. Oh--white dishes too. You are right--there is something nice about that crisp, clean white against dark colors.

The house looks GREAT!! Love your color choices.

Duni said...

Oh wow, your living space looks great! I love the clean lines and I would so love to have that white comforter :)
Your bathroom is so elegant and I love the green candles as accents. Nice touch!