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Project Home Rennovation: Main Level Revealed.

Many of you know that we've been involved in a pretty extensive home facelift project starting last fall , and continuing again this spring . The goal is to get every room in the house painted (including ceilings, doors, and some of the baseboards & moulding), rearranged, and redecorated.

This has proved to be quite a lot of work of course, and we're obviously still far from done! I did just finish what I consider to be a large bite out of the project though, as the whole house is now painted: Master Bed & Bath , check; Guest Room & Bath, check; Basement, check; Kitchen, check; and main living area, check!!

This past week I completed the main level of our house, so here I go, showing it off: (Warning- please ignore all of the mess you'll see- we're still dealing with accumulating donation piles, art laying around, and out of place furniture among other "stuff" messes!)

Front Room- Tiered ceiling is white vs. the light grey of the walls.

To the right of the door shot above: the area to be my new studio!

What's left to do: Main Room. Get my studio completely unpacked, cleaned out, reorganized; hang art; and move the TV up here.

Left: Space between kitchen & front room; Right: Kitchen ceiling- dark grey on the deepest horizontal, light grey on the vertical bit, and white on the final horizontal level.

What's left to do: Hall. We plan on making this a giant art collage wall- exciting!

Big mess!  But nice walls, right?

What's left to do: Kitchen. The most work!  I'm painting those lower cabinets white, we'll rip out the upper ones, tile out a to-ceiling- backsplash (and tile the back of the Island to match), pop in a range hood above the stove, install some open shelving in lieu of cabinets, add a pantry cabinet and hopefully get rid of a whole lot of clutter!

Left: Hallway between bedrooms; Center: Wall I can reach opposing one on left; Right: Walls I can't reach!

What's left to do: Stairwell. We need to hire someone (dad??) with scaffolding to finish the painting job, and we'd love to invest in a large piece of art for this lower recess space: idea ?

So there you have it.  We've got our work cut out for us!  But a coat of paint really goes a long way, huh??


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I love the gray and white paired together. Very clean and modern. And I love that you're planning on adding so much art :)
Looks awesome!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Your house is GORGEOUS. It feels so open and airy, and I like the brick and molding details. I can't wait to see everything when it's done!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

A lot of work -- but well worth it! Everything looks great. Looks like you have a wonderful place to photograph your creations by that sunny window in your studio!

Bhrett Ogden said...

ohhhh that brick wall. i just had to pick my jaw up off the ground.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Love the urban feel of your home. Really nice!

Rose said...

You're right that a coat of paint does go a long way! It looks great so far. I agree with Edi about the art. I look forward to seeing what you do with the kitchen.

Judy Nolan said...

I love how open everything looks. Paint is the single most important detail, I think, that can make a difference in how things look.

Kaili Williams said...

It looks like a huge job and a lot of hard work, but it also certainly looks worth it! Everything seems to be coming together nicely :)

Hot Rocks said...

You have a beautiful home Nancy! I love the fresh colors you chose, and I also love the detailed ceilings.

pasqueflower said...

Amazing progress! I love the gray and white. Seriously -- you may have a future at HGTV -- just sayin.

BeadedTail said...

That's a lot of work but it looks great! I love your ceilings! Your helper is a cutie pie too! :)

Lori said...

Heya! I've not checked out your blog in forever (or anyone's for that matter!). Your place looks nice!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

That IS a lot of work, Nancy! But it's shaping up beautifully! The brick wall is really cool!

Duni said...

Wow, you even painted the basement!
I love how the crisp white cornice looks against the soft grey walls. Yes, kitchens are a pain to paint. The art collage does sound exciting :)

p.s. sent your package today!

Additionsstyle said...

Nancy, it look fantastic, and what a lovely studio space right by that lovely window! I look forward to see more photos.
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