Project Home Renovation: Little By Little, Living Room.

At this point, it should really be called Project Redecorate in some rooms.  That aside, I am challenging myself to get back into it, finally finishing the odds n' ends throughout the house that we just haven't gotten around to yet.

The first item on my list is to make a push to complete that last 20% or so left in our living room. This room is a bit multipurposed; it serves as our entry way & foyer, my studio, then into an actual seating & TV area, all open:

This is a shot of the room back when I had just finished painting.

So far we've come a pretty long way in this room including:

* The Paint Job - I transformed the walls from a warm tan to a cool grey & painted the ceilings too.
* Rearranged the Furnature - We flipped placement of everything in this room, creating a nicer, more functional & flowing space.
*Hung Art- I arranged & hung this & we hung these large black & whites behind the couch.

However, paired with the modern look of the grey walls, once the art was hung it was obvious to me that I needed to redecorate - replace the old tan, brown, green & blue palette with something to coordinate with black, white, & grey.  So, I've decided to keep the tan (since our couch isn't going anywhere anytime soon), kick out all brown, blue, & green and replace it with brighter pops of color throughout the room (mostly to tie into the gallery wall).

I thought I'd start with replacing the couch pillows & curtains since those are the easiest & cheapest changes that will make the most impact.

I just finished the pillows and am so happy with their immediate impact!  Just this small change really helps me see the direction I want to take this room and helps me ignore all of the things I still can't stand- like those orange & cream candles, and that really unmatching rug.

Next on the list will be two things:

1. Get our entry way cleaned up and reorganized. Ideally I wanted to build a board and batton area to the right of the couch and add coat hooks & a shelf to it.  However, we've been stalling for so long on this project that it's now winter and our coats are all over the place driving us nuts!  So, we decided to forget about that elaborate plan and just get some simple coat hooks & a shoe rack.  More on that soon!

2. Get those curtains made! Right now there's brown ones up, and I bought a shiny charcoal & white fabric.  The plan is to create wide stripes with those two fabrics and make floor length drapes.

Once those two things are done, it'll be down to smaller details- mount the TV, get rid of unnecessary clutter & furniture in this room, start adding a few pops of color in the room that actually match, hang & frame a few smaller art pieces, and eventually put that rug somewhere else and get something black & white??

Yea...that's about 20%, right??  Haha.  More soon!

Question- Do you have any unfinished rooms in your house driving you nuts?


AntiquityTravelers said...

WOW - it looks great! what a beautiful and cozy home!

Memories for Life said...

You've got a great plan in place for your transformation. You're right that the pillows add such a nice pop of color!
Can't wait to see your curtains.
We still need to replace window trim from when we put new windows in...two years ago!!!

BeadedTail said...

Those pillows did make a big difference! I bet the curtains will pull everything together and it'll be so pretty! We're on our 'last' project - replacing the bathrooms but I bet once that's done we'll just start re-doing things once again.

Rose said...

Wow, I'm in awe of how far you've come! The pillows are perfect. I can't wait to see the curtains.

Kristen said...

NO! :) No more house projects! LOL But I know exactly what you mean. You can't just change one thing. I think you've done a great job so far. The structure there is so neat- I love your tray ceiling and exposed brick and staircase! Where are you located again? Anyway, good work!!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Oh goodness, I never seem to quite finish. Our kitchen woodwork never got that last coat of varnish for example. I really like your new pillows. Great fabric choices!

LimeRiot said...

What a cool place!! I love the architecture of the room. Your decorating really complements it. That exposed brick is marvelous!!

pasqueflower said...

Love your redo! The pillows are fantastic, and I love the rug.
That sectional looks SO-O-ooo
comfy and inviting!

Hot Rocks said...

Your house looks like its coming along nicely! I love to redecorate. We built a custom home 10 years ago, so have not had to do too much to it. However we did repaint some bathrooms last year, and like you, we changed the color from warm golds, to fresh cool aqua gray tones, which I love!

Judy Nolan said...

The pillows on your couch make an amazing difference! You'd think it was a different room that way. I love, too, the gallery of photos you have at the foot of the staircase. It fits so well on those gray walls.

Mark James said...

Home Renovation
A great idea, sign me up! The advice you get on here is the best on the web.

Chrissy said...

It looks wonderful! I love your home! The fabric of the pillows is beautiful and they look gorgeous on your couch!! xxx

Additionsstyle said...

Love your artwork and pillows!! Your place look great, I'm sure you will work out those little details and your space will look exactly like you want!
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