Project Sewing 201

You may be familiar with Project Sewing 101 , my journey through Ellen Luckett Baker's 1-2-3 Sew as I learned to machine sew throughout last year (2012).  I finished this book in a little bit over a year and built many basic sewing skills.  But, I find myself with new goals and a need to expand on those skills I've perviously learned in order to get there.

Thus, I'm launching Project Sewing 201: In my "sophmore" year of sewing I'll be exploring and documenting new projects at an advanced beginner level directly related to where I envision taking my sewing.  These projects will include menswear and garment construction, experimenting with new fabrics (leather, lace, stretch knits, etc), and expanding & designing my own handbag line.

1: Introduction to Menswear.


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